Our Services

Why to choose First Class Aircon

At First Class Aircon, we specialize in servicing and repairing all types of air conditioner equipment at highly competitive prices, including:

Chemical Cleaning



Repair / Maintenance

Why Use Our Services

We understand that:

  • You want your aircon units to be absolutely clean to provide a healthy environment for your family or colleagues.
  • You want us to provide warranty after repairing/servicing your aircon units.
  • You do NOT want the work area to be messy and dirty. We will leave only after cleaning up the work area.
  • You treasure your furniture. We take great pains to protect them from dirt and scratches before, during and after the servicing.
  • Your needs are unique.

1st Class Process

Protect Your Furniture!

We know that aircon units can be dusty and dirty (that’s why we are here!).

While working on the aircon, our technicians take every precaution to prevent your furniture from getting dirty.


Anti- Dust & Anti-Bateria

Dirty (and unhealthy!) units before the chemical wash.


During the chemical wash. Our chemicals in action!


See the difference our cleaning makes! And finally, a clean unit. furniturecare3

All Parts and Components.

We remember all parts and components.

> The aircon blower

furniturecare4 furniturecare5

1. Aircon filter before cleaning.  2. Half the job done!   3. A clean aircon filter.

Can You See the Difference?

Clean Up The Exterior and Water Tray

A dirty water tray and our cleaning of the tray with a powerful spray.

After that , A clean cover!



And this is the water after our servicing.

Of course, we will ensure that your furniture is restored to its original pristine state. The only difference is that you have now an extremely clean aircon unit which provides a much healthier environment!